This Is Not A Diet Plan – But You Can Still Lose Weight!

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Galileo Galilei, Physicist

Are you just so sick of diet plans that it could make you almost just scream!?

Just the word “diet” can send us into a calorie counting, negative life change mentality. – So what is going to make it different for you this time for you? – What is really going to be the thing that not only makes you believe in weight loss, but makes the game much easier for you? – We have an answer. A totally natural answer that will change your life. More on this later…

Your heart probably sinks a little when you start a new “diet” because you start to think about everything that you will give up. Many of us have been there. The truth is, some foods are just down right terrible for you and we can not get around that. However, the good news is that the game just got easier, naturally, and there is a way around the typical “diet”. A way that is so simple that you will most likely want to scream once you have learned its “truth”. In the upcoming information you will learn about a simple approach to weight loss that the vast majority of people have never even heard of! (More on this later.)

Losing weight should probably start with a simple look at the foods you eat. We ALL know this. Shoveling bad things into your system will only sickness and/or weight gain. 40 sodas a day will lead to getting fat, sorry, but we are here to look at things a little differently now with you.

OK, so lets start the journey by maybe drinking one less soda for now, and maybe more importantly looking at something in our bodies call our “pH level”. Your pH level means so much and almost nobody is talking about it!

In short, your body fights to keep a pH balance of 7.2 or higher. It wants to remain slightly “alkaline”. In other words, it is fighting to stay away from being “acidic”. (Soda is acidic by the way… ) Just the word “acidic” gives you a clue here. Just to put it simply, if your pH is acidic bad things start to happen that we call disease or “dis-ease”.

Instead of thinking about calories all the time and driving yourself nuts in this way, think instead about what the word “alkaline” means for your body! – Basically put, if you can make it easier for your body to be more “alkaline” or maintain a pH of 7.2 or greater, you will lose weight.

Not only will you lose weight, but you will feel better etc.

So how is all of this accomplished?

Let’s keep it super simple otherwise it is extremely easy to fall of the “bandwagon”. – Just know this, vegetables are alkaline in nature. Green vegetables is what you are aiming for. No, you do not have to devour 50 platefuls of green vegetables every day, but the point here is that you will need to slightly start tipping the scales of alkaline in your body’s favor. No, you do not need to do it all in one day!

There are “green drinks” available that can help you do this very easily. Green drinks in this context means low heat dehydrated vegetables that are presented in a powder form. Then once you have this, you can add water and basically drink it down! This alone can change your body’s current pH level to one that is more alkaline.

Let’s not go crazy with it, or you will think of it as just another diet fade. Just start slow and maybe do one green drink in the morning and one at night. Or, one at every meal. – This slight shift in what you eat (or drink we should say) will change your life.

All we are saying is “do not diet”, just alkalize your diet with a “green drink” once or hopefully more per day. The green drink is merely green vegetables mixed with water. The effect on your body will be one that you will not every forget! Try it for 10 days and see how you feel! If you do it for 10, we are confident you will do it for far longer.