Living Healthy Without Breaking The Bank

There is an unwarranted perception that living healthy is only for the wealthy. However, this is only a perception based on misinformation. Informed consumers are catching on to this myth and are educating themselves about various nature’s health bargains that are at their disposal everyday. The supplementation of your body with products made from nature’s resources is truly the way to go.

Living healthy, while universal to some degree with regards to general health, can also be specific to men’s health, women’s health and the health of the pets in their lives.

General health concerns spans all genders, age and race. There are certain commonalities among us humans that are undeniable. We are born and we continue to age along the way. The quality of life we experience regarding our general health are sometimes impeded by various illnesses or developed abnormalities. For example (a) the sphincter muscle in our bladders no longer contract as well to stop or start the flow of urine sometimes as we age. This can cause us embarrassment and just overall inconvenience in our daily lives (b) we need our cardiovascular and circulatory systems to be on their best behavior in order to enable normal blood pressure. The mundane things in life can seem not so mundane if high blood pressure has now become part of our Journey; if not handled appropriately, this can lead to paralysis and death (c) our once reliable joints start to ache and make cracking noises that can be frightening to us. These cracking noises are most times accompanied by excruciating pain that limits our day-to-day movements. Short of various types of replacement surgeries, certain pharmaceutical remedies are at the forefront of helping us feel better; however, the latter does not eliminate all types of joint afflictions, so we look to nature to provide more assistance (d) our immune systems are not as strong as when we were breast-fed and for a variety of other reasons as we got older. These confluence of things can leave us exposed to various types of illnesses or common bacteria that are otherwise not harmful in a healthy immune system and (e) the unfriendly fatty lipid known as cholesterol, can sometimes cause us harm if they are not within certain acceptable range. Understanding our cholesterol levels are now common conversations with our physicians.

As we move away from general health issues and look more specifically to gender health issues, it would seem as if men cared less about their health when compared to women. However, in this new age of real-time information and social media, men are more aware of all things concerning their health. There are now concerted efforts by men to look and feel good, and not just be content with a beer belly, or not knowing anything about their general health. Men want to look and feel healthy and strong for themselves, but also for their partners.

Women, on the other hand, were always on this trajectory of looking and feeling healthy. However, just like with men, the advent of social media and everything occurring in real-time have magnetized and energized this need in women two-fold. The sexual revolution of this century has created an openness to owning ones sense of self, and not being defined or marginalized by narrow-minded or historical stereotypes. For women, this owning of ones self may be for themselves, but also to enhance their relationship with their partners.

Not to be outdone, both men and women alike, have pets in their lives that are part of their social fabric. These pets may not communicate like us humans do, but they too, want to feel healthy and strong. The loving owners of these pets are keen to this need and are constantly looking for ways to keep their pets healthy and strong.

Nature’s health bargains from nature’s resources are all around us and waiting for us to reach out and own our health in a responsible way. Natural herbs and spices were always intended to be the cure for all our ills. This new age of fierce competition in the market place, has taken the affordability of these products to new levels that are comfortable for everyone. Healthy and wealthy represent old stereotypes from another era. Embrace the advent of real-time news and all that social media has to offer while looking and feeling your best. We should not hesitate to take advantage of nature’s health bargains.